onQos® Life

Real-Life Oncology Data provided by the patients.

What is onQos® Life?

onQos® Life is a platform for research into the management of cancer in real life, in which the patients provide relevant data about their disease such as events, therapies, and quality of life.

Data provided by patients
Publications and Real World/Life Data Evidence


Information of interest for all the involved stakeholders

Real life information is usually compiled by the physicians at the time of the visit, and subsequently transferred to the CRF. With onQos® Life, and our methodology, these valuable data are collected directly from the patients in a quick and successful way.

Collecting relevant information on the spot

Patients use a very straight forward mobile app to report information on their symptoms, episodes, events, treatment adherence, quality of life, physical activity, etc.

Because the information is reported then and there, publications on real life impact can be produced without healthcare professionals needing to include information.

Appropriate pathways for each aspect of the disease to be studied.

The platform allows different “itineraries” (sequences of scheduled questionnaires) to be implemented for each desired condition, drug therapy or procedure.

The investigator offers the app to patients and they complete the information at the required time. The data are validated as per a clinical study to ensure its quality

Win-win for all parties

  • Healthcare professionals and scientific societies can significantly increase their scientific publications.
  • The collaborating entities obtain relevant data about how each disease is managed in real life, in addition to their therapies.
  • Patients and society alike benefit from the results of these studies.

All this without any effort on the part of the researchers, and with a process that notably reduces the regulatory paperwork, speeds up implementation, and guarantees increased participation. And, of course, patients and society benefit from the results of those studies.

Real-Life Data

It is possible to collect data about important aspects of disease management in real life. Information regarding events, therapeutic adherence, and symptoms is easily compiled using onQos® Life.


Data about events

Patients report details about adverse events that occur in between office visits. This information is very helpful in accurately evaluating when these events occur and under what circumstances.

Consult with us if you are interested in implementing a project to find out about the events produced in real life in a specific type of cancer.


Data on adherence

Patients can include the type of treatment they are taking at any given time and the frequency with which they take it so treatment adherence can be assessed.

Consult with us if you are interested in implementing a project to evaluate therapeutic adherence in real life for a specific type of cancer.


Data about symptoms

It is possible to report symptoms and include features like photos or ranges, to evaluate the information provided by the patients in greater detail.

Check with us if you are interested in implementing a project to analyze episodes and/or symptoms in real life.


Data about multiple aspects of managing the disease and perception of the patient

In addition to events, adherence, and symptoms, every real-life research project implemented with onQos® Life is able to incorporate questionnaires about other aspects that provide a more complete view of the real status of the patient with a specific disease, or who is receiving a specific therapy. These questionnaires can also collect:

  • Quality of life
  • Patient experience
  • Visits to other specialists
  • Nutrition
  • Activity
  • Much more

Regulatory processes

"Our methodology simplifies the regulatory processes significantly and speeds up implementation, acquiring all the necessary approvals in a dramatically reduced time."

Successful projects

Satisfied physicians

These projects do not require any effort by the healthcare professionals as, thanks to our technology and methodology, all the information about what occurs outside of the hospital is reported by the patients.

Data easily reported by the patients

Patients provide information about symptoms, episodes, adherence, events, quality of life, physical activity, etc., with a set frequency. The itineraries (questionnaires and reminders) are perfectly adapted to each project.

Methodology that guarantees a high level of participation

We achieve a high level of participation and completion of questionnaires by the patients thanks to the established support process, already proven in similar projects. In addition, our methodology enables the project to be launched in a shorter time.

Secure and proven technology

The technology upon which this solution is constructed is being used successfully in multiple clinical projects and healthcare programs, by hundreds of hospital centers and prestigious healthcare institutions.


Information security

ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management certification


Data privacy

Conforms to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)


Class I

Constructed on technology certified as a Class 1 medical device.

About Persei vivarium

Persei vivarium is a digital health company whose technology is used in significant high-impact clinical projects around the world. Their innovative solutions for the management of real-life data facilitate the management of healthcare processes, research, and remote patient monitoring.


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