Management of daily clinical practice in oncology

The onQos® Practice platform enables the management of daily clinical practice in the oncology units. It incorporates healthcare processes that are designed by oncologists, with different modules for the management of data, reports, statistics, filters, and many other features that facilitate the management of the daily clinical practice.

Data about diagnosis, therapy indications and follow-up are managed in a robust platform that is ISO 27001 certified (Information Security) and endorsed by dozens of clinical data management projects for multiple diseases.

My oncology data collection

In addition to the technology for facilitating the management of the healthcare process, we offer a service that is greatly appreciated by professional oncology providers (My Oncology Data Collection). This consists of generating a collection of data from their clinical practice usingthe available and relevant retrospective information.

This collection of structured and validated data enables the oncology units to carry out more efficient management, and significantly boosts your capabilities to publish important, high-quality information about the management of different subgroups of patients in real-life.

About Persei vivarium

Persei vivarium is a digital health company whose technology is used in significant high-impact clinical projects around the world. Their innovative solutions for the management of real-life data facilitate the management of healthcare processes, research, and remote patient monitoring.


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